The ART of Living Life 

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Sharon Ann Wikoff

Sharon has had a deep continuous longing to understand the meaning of life since a child. She is a former elementary school teacher, piano teacher and a student of life and living.  

Sharon had her beginning in radio at KGGV in Guerneville, California.  There she hosted the Family Hour, Kids Hour and Morning Show.  When she moved out of the area she went to working online.  She hosted the Voice of Change on Blog Talk Radio since 2009 to the present. bringing inspiring programming to listeners, seeking to live  a purposeful life and to parents, seeking to parent consciously.   In addition, she had a 13 week series on Voice America in 2018.  

In the 1980's she brought her love of parenting into her work and began "The Art of Mothering."  and that evolved into "Peaceful Parenting".      

Spiritual practices have been a part of her spiritual journey, beginning at age 10.  In later years, Sharon took the ministerial training from the West Valley Church of Religious Science in Woodland Hills, CA.   In addition, she  became a practitioner in the church and supported others  on their journey to healing. 


Sharon was deeply blessed by finding her Guru, Sat Shree, in 2015. She studied with him for several years and facilitated study groups on The Bhagavad Gita and The Mother (Book) by Sri Aurobindo for followers  around the globe.  She is deeply grateful for his teachings, trainings and transmission and for his support which encouraged her to come to her own authority, her own sovereignty.  

Today, Sharon is realizing the impact ALL of NATURE has had on her over the last 20 years.  She's been able to commune with the natural world, in remarkable ways, and is just now realizing the importance of sharing her experience, because of the times we live in.  She is very excited to bring forward the possibilities she's been shown over the last 20 some years.  This will be the focus of her work moving forward now. 

                                   AUGUST, 2022