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The Art of Parenting    


The Art of Parenting


Parenting has been one of the biggest JOYS of my life. I have three children and each of one of them is such a unique and wonderful human spirit. 

Through the years I've written on the subject, held parenting classes and have hosted many radio shows on the subject. 

PEACEFUL PARENTING was created some time ago, and I'm delighted to host this class again.  

Parenting is a full time endeavor!  One needs to be "ON" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   As I watch my daughter parent her child, I'm in awe of the patience it requires.... all the time! 

So, if you are in the parenting stage of life, remember to be kind to yourself, and realize the beautiful service you are involved in.  


One of my daughters, two years of age,  began hitting me with her doll!  And for a few weeks, I kept saying: "Mommy is not for hitting!" It continued.  

So, I read about "play therapy" and decided to try it.  I set up an environment for her with many toys that she could interact with. 

 I just sat back and watched and listened. 

Very soon, she said something like, "Bad Mommy!"  

(This was over 40 years ago, so I've forgotten the exact words.) 

I asked, "Why, is Mommy bad?" 

And again, I forget the exact words, but the idea was that I had thought she had done something wrong, and she hadn't. 

I apologized, a lot!!  I said I was SO sorry several times, so she really felt it!!

She NEVER hit me again with the doll!  



Listening to a child is one of the most important things

you can do as a parent.  

LISTENING, truly listening to your child, sends them a very important

message.  That message is that ...


They are IMPORTANT! and 

There words MATTER!


Please contact me if you are interested...

in the next 6 week class!  

Private one on one coaching for PEACEFUL PARENTING is also available when the class is not in session.  

I look forward to hearing from you if this is of interest to you!  

SHARON ANN WIKOFF is the mother of three grown children and continues to love be called "Mother"!  She's found the life of a mother

to be joyous and deeply enriching, which continue to today with 

her adult children. 

In the 1980's Sharon created the program, The Art of Mothering. Later she held book studies and additional parenting classes.  

In addition, she brought all that she learned about listening to children, into her work as an elementary teacher.  

She is author of three ebooks: The 10 Minute Miracle, 

The Art of Listening to Infants and Young Children and

Daddy: "Why are we Different".