The ART of Living Life 

Qi Gong   



"Understanding universal laws in connection with the workings of the body is a great KEY for the healing of the body, mind and spirit.

 This is the GIFT I have found the Teachings of have to offer!"

Sharon Ann Wikoff


As I've mentioned in the "About" section on this site, I've always been interested in how the Universe works!  I've actually been on this path since I was a child. 

Some years ago, I saw a brief video of a man showing how to support the healing of the body by working with the hands.  I didn't even catch his name, but did note his face.  And at that moment, I said to myself:  LOOK INTO HIS TEACHINGS! 

Well, years passed and I forgot about him!  You know how it is...Life happens!

Then, I was having some physical symptoms and was searching the internet for "something" AND very quickly came across his face!!

Well, this time, I immediately found his website! 

 And that day I started practicing Qi Gong and every day since! 

I also had a healing session and it made a huge difference in ending the symptoms I had been having.  The more I learn about this ancient practice dating back over 6,000 years, the more I realize how extra-ordinary it is and how important it is for these times of transition. 

So, here I will be sharing with more about this ancient practice and the possibilities it has for healing the body, mind and spirit.