The ART of Living Life 




Relationships have been important to me for decades.  

Last year, I recalled an opportunity I felt was offered to me during my spiritual studies to take on the task of writing about "Right Relationships" in life.  This was decades ago!  I reflected on the topic and saw that it was immense!  At the time I felt it was way to much for a young mother of 3 children to take on.  and I recall, turning my back on the opportunity!

Again, last year when I recalled this, I still was not in a place where I felt I could take it the exploration of such a huge topic.  And at the same time, I feel that the topic is essential for this time on the Planet.  

They say that the 3rd time, is a charm! Well, this past year when the topic of "right relationships" surfaced once again, I said YES!

Now, with my lived experience,  I feel that I can more easily right about this topic.  In fact, it's exciting to consider all that it entails.  I actually began a journal last year on the subject and am already exploring many topics. 




So, I ask myself, what does this mean?  What does it mean to be in a right relationship with our Mother Earth?  

I'm love to hear your response. 

For me, it means that we honor, respect and nurture our Mother Earth. 

So, I'll put it in the form of some questions that I will ask myself and I invite you to ask yourself about your connection to the planet.  

Do I live in harmony with nature? 

Do I harm the planet in any way? 

Do I care for the land? 

Do I help clear the land of past traumas?

Do I protect it's soil? 

Do I do anything to harm it's waters? 

Do I protect it's wife life? 

Do I do care for it's natural resources? 

This is just a beginning of such an exploration. 

I also believe that holding VISIONS for Our Planet is a beautiful way that we can support it. 

Below, is the first vision I wrote.  It was inspired by Tony Burroughs at 




As we go about our daily life, let us know that these times of transition, are just that a 'TRANSITION". 

Let us keep our mind and heart set on high 


Let us always remember we are in the process of creating the future.  Life happens on Mother Earth, aligned with the consciousness of the "masses"!

Thus YOUR vision matters and does MINE! 

Following is my vision for NATURAL WEATHER CYCLES on our Mother Earth.  

A Vision for Mother Earth 



We envision for our Mother Earth having her natural weather cycles return.  All around the planet, in every country and in every city, we see: 

SKIES that are clear and vibrant!

SEAS that are fresh and alive with life!

SOILS that are enriched by the natural weather of Mother Earth and all the little creatures with the soils! 

All weather is Mother Earth initiated!

There are no man-made weather schemes in place. 

All weather is nature, serene and native to the area. 

The Elemental Forces immerge naturally and support Mother Earth's natural weather.  The peoples of the land come to respect and honor the 

life behind the scenes and in nature to the area. 

The protective layers between the Earth and the Sun are restored.  People can safely enjoy the sunlight. Clouds are formed naturally.  The rain waters are pure and fresh. The winds arise naturally and flow gently. 

People all around the world are refreshed daily by the gorgeous weather pattern in their area.  All this is done for the highest good for all and in accordance with Divine Law and Love. 

What is YOUR Vision for Mother Earth?